State Police: No One in New Jersey Has Surrendered a Single Large Cap Magazine Since State Ban

New Jersey’s “large-capacity” magazine ban hasn’t resulted in lawmakers’ desired effect as no magazines have been turned over and the state’s residents are reportedly hiding the banned magazines.

When the magazine ban went into effect in December of last year, state officials encouraged individuals to hand in their magazines, but residents have taken to stashing them in a massive vault instead of handing them in, according to

A New Jersey State Police spokesman told that not a single large-capacity magazine has been turned in in the nine months the law has been in effect.

The law, which bans magazines with more than a 10-round capacity, does permit owners of the banned magazines to hand them over to law enforcement, modify them to only hold the permitted number of rounds, sell them to authorized owners or store them with an authorized company. . .

According to Eric Rebels, a local gun-rights activist, some gun owners have opted to bury their magazines in their backyard or set them behind sheetrock in their garages, despite the risk from these penalties. (Read more from “State Police: No One in New Jersey Is Complying with Large Cap Magazine Ban” HERE)

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