Uh, Beto, That’s Not the Best Venue to Declare Who Should Only Be Trusted With Guns in America

Former Democratic Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke is making history, I guess. He wants to take private property from millions of law-abiding Americans. Bob is anti-gun. And he proudly said “hell yes” to confiscating so-called assault weapons. He’s the liberal who thinks the AR-15 is a scary gun. Americans own millions of these rifles. There is no way compliance for confiscation will be honored. It’s illegal. It’s unconstitutional. And if Democrats want to follow the playbooks of never winning another presidential race for the foreseeable future, follow this guy’s lead. Liberals have short memories. Gun control already cost them the 2000 election, with Gore losing West Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas over his stance on gun control. Those states, even with Bush winning Florida, would have been enough to push Gore past 270 and succeed Bill Clinton in January of 2001.

So, whom does Bob (aka Beto) think should be trusted to own firearms in America? You guessed it; only the police, military, and other agents of the state should be allowed to own guns. And did I mention that he made this pitch at Kent State University, where the National Guard shot and killed four students in 1970 during a Vietnam War protest (via Reason):

Of all the places to argue that only the government should be trusted with guns, Beto O’Rourke picked…Kent State University.


Invoking armed agents of the state gunning down unarmed civilians is an interesting way to argue that Americans would be better off if the government forcefully disarmed private citizens. But hey, I guess that’s why we keep being told Beto’s an “unconventional” candidate.


As J.D. Tuccille pointed out last month, there’s scant evidence to suggest that such a policy could be implemented effectively, and it’s pretty unclear how O’Rourke would get gun owners to comply with the law.

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