China Warns U.S. Brands to Accept Communism

The Chinese government newspaper Global Times warned “global brands” to “make their members speak cautiously” on Chinese political issues Monday in response to an ongoing controversy following an NBA executive lending support to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. . .

Following condemnation from the Communist Party and its puppets in Chinese society, social media, and the NBA, the NBA itself issued a statement also condemning Morey for simply challenging the dogma of a country currently maintaining a million-strong concentration camp population. The NBA has established a training camp in the same province as the concentration camps. . .

The Global Times called Americans “ridiculous” for defending freedom of speech, especially targeting 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang for criticizing China.

“Morey does have the freedom to praise Hong Kong protesters, just like the Chinese fans also have the freedom to abandon the Rockets,” the Times claimed. “The problem is that Morey’s freedom is at the expense of Rockets’ huge commercial interests, which the team is unwilling to give up.”

The newspaper went on to insist that the controversy “has nothing to do with the Chinese government” – even though the Chinese government controls all aspects of the country’s relationship with the NBA and heavily regulates speech, meaning Chinese “fans” say only what the government legally allows them to. The Global Times then dared accuse the United States of using “ideological pressure” against the Houston Rockets to keep them from surrendering to China. (Read more from “China Warns U.S. Brands to Accept Communism” HERE)

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