WATCH: ‘UFO’ Spotted off NC’s Outer Banks, Video Goes Viral

A video showing a series of unidentified flying objects over North Carolina’s Outer Banks has gone viral on YouTube, racking up more than 370,000 views.

The video, first reported on by Fox 10 Phoenix, was posted to the YouTube account of William Guy. After a brief period of calm over the ocean, 14 glowing lights hovering over the water suddenly appeared.

Someone on the video can be heard saying, “Look, nothing in the sky at all, then all of a sudden…” “Anybody tell me what that is?” the person, reported to be Guy, continued.

People in the background can be heard commenting on the lights.

“We’re in the middle of the ocean, on a ferry, nothing around. Look. Nothing around. No land, no nothing,” the person added. (Read more from “‘UFO’ Spotted off NC’s Outer Banks, Video Goes Viral” HERE)

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