Elizabeth Warren Thinks Tax Payers Should Pay for Transgender Surgery for Inmates

Elizabeth Warren said she was wrong not to support taxpayer-funded transition-related surgery for transgender inmates.

“I think that was a bad answer,” the senior senator for Massachusetts and top-tier 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said during a CNN town hall focused on gay and transgender issues. “Everyone is entitled to medical care that they need.”

In 2012, Warren said the procedure was not “a good use of taxpayer dollars” during her first bid for the Senate. A federal court at the time ordered Massachusetts to provide sex change surgery to Michelle Kosilek, a convicted murderer, in one of the state’s prisons. Her campaign in January began walking back the senator’s comment in a statement, saying she endorsed “medically necessary services, including transition-related surgeries.”

Warren’s remarks Thursday night follow the release of her gay and transgender rights plan. Her proposal includes ending solitary confinement, monitoring compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, prosecuting prison staff for misconduct, and offering sex change surgery, if deemed necessary. (Read more from “Elizabeth Warren Thinks Tax Payers Should Pay for Transgender Surgery for Inmates” HERE)

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