22-Week-Old Premature Baby Girls Are the Smallest Twins to Ever Survive

Two Iowa sisters just made a Guinness World Record for being the smallest premature twins ever to survive.

On Sunday, Keeley and Kambry Ewoldt celebrated their 1st birthday after being born at 22 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy, according to Guinness World Records. At birth, the little girls weighed just 1 pound 1.3 ounces and 13.4 ounces, respectively.

Today, the girls are a living miracle and a testament to the life-saving advances of modern medicine.

“It’s really just a work of God that they are even here because there is so much that they’ve defied to be here,” their mother, Jade Ewoldt, told the record-keeping company. . .

Also encouraging, Klein said long-term disabilities are not common. He said the hospital follows up with premature babies years afterward, and it has found that only about 10 percent have a long-term disability such as blindness, deafness or cognitive disabilities, according to the AP. (Read more from “22-Week-Old Premature Baby Girls Are the Smallest Twins to Ever Survive” HERE)

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