BREAKS SILENCE: ABC News Insider Who Exposed Buried Epstein Story Speaks Out

On Friday, the ABC News insider who obtained the tape of ABC anchor Amy Robach’s distress over the spiking of her Jeffrey Epstein story by ABC News came forward after CBS reportedly fired the staffer who had access to the tape. The insider, who remains anonymous, wrote paragraphs addressed to “my fellow man,” “my fellow ABC News employees,” “those wrongfully accused,” “Amy Robach,” and “ABC News.”

At the request of the insider, the open letter was published by Project Veritas, which had obtained the footage of Robach from the insider. The insider asserted that there were no motives other than to make the information public; that neither the insider nor those wrongfully accused had done anything wrong; that Robach was the only person due an apology, not from the insider, but from those who spiked her story; and that ABC News “has spun into a mission of seek-and-destroy.” . . .

On Thursday, journalist Yashar Ali reported that CBS News had fired the staffer who allegedly leaked the footage of Robach expressing her frustrations about her Jeffrey Epstein story not getting published. The firing reportedly came after ABC informed CBS they had determined who had leaked the footage. (Read more from “BREAKS SILENCE: ABC News Insider Who Exposed Buried Epstein Story Speaks Out” HERE)

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