Disgusting Homosexual Site Lists ‘What You Stand to Lose’ by Avoiding Sex with People Who Have HIV

Last week, the LGBT website Queerty published an article that has since been going viral on social media, provocatively titled “What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV.”

As the title suggests, the article by David Hudson intends to dispel a stigma attached to HIV-positive individuals (primarily gay men), arguing that people should be open to sexual relations with them. The article begins by envisioning an idyllic couple who complement each other in so many ways only to have that relationship cut short upon one discovering the other to be HIV-positive. . .

While David Hudson understands some of the concerns individuals might have about having sex with an HIV-positive individual and grants that “everyone has the right to take responsibility for their sexual health,” he nonetheless implores his readers to think about “the potential consequences of your particular decisions.”

“If someone is HIV positive, knows their status, is on effective medication and has consistently had an undetectable viral load, they cannot pass on the virus,” argues Hudson. “PrEP is also widely available in the US and several other countries to prevent people from acquiring HIV. And condoms are also, of course, widely available.”

“I know a couple of long-term serodiscordant couples,” he continues. “A serodiscordant relationship is one in which one partner is HIV positive and one is HIV negative.” (Read more from “Disgusting Homosexual Site Lists ‘What You Stand to Lose’ by Avoiding Sex with People Who Have HIV” HERE)

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