Lawmakers Propose Ban on Drugging and ‘Mutilating’ Transgender Kids

South Carolina legislators have proposed a bill that would ban “transgender” children from being drugged or operated upon for the purposes of their gender transition.

The legislation would prohibit drugs treating the “symptoms of clinically significant distress resulting from gender dysphoria.” It would criminalize all efforts to transition minors under the age of 18 toward a different gender.

The legislation’s primary sponsor is State Rep. Stewart Jones (R-Laurens). He told Post and Courier that he drafted the legislation after being alerted to the tragic case of 7-year-old James Younger of Texas. . .

Chase Glenn, who works as the executive director of LGBTQ-rights advocacy group Alliance for Full Acceptance in Charleston, is firmly against this legislation to protect children from these predatory practices. . .

The “disastrous implications” are more likely to come from children who are coerced into adopting this destructive lifestyle. A movement has developed in recent months of former transgender people wishing to de-transition from their non-birth gender. (Read more from “Lawmakers Propose Ban on Drugging and ‘Mutilating’ Transgender Kids” HERE)

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