Mexican Cartel Massacre of American Women and Children Was Targeted

According to law enforcement officials and a family relative, the massacre of three American mothers, Rhonita Maria LeBaron, Christina Langford Johnson and Dawna Langford, and their six children in Mexico this week was targeted. Initially, it was reported they got caught in the crossfire between two rival cartels while traveling north to the United States.

“Nothing about that [attack] says unintentional hit,” a law enforcement official close to the situation tells Townhall, adding one of the women got out of her vehicle with her hands up in surrender before she was shot.

The official stated the family had received threats and reported them. The family also made statements against increased cartel violence in the region. . .

As more details about the attack emerge, experts on the region and cartel violence are weighing in on what happened.

“These [Mormon] sect members were residing in the area basically as guests of the cartel. They were tolerated, but they were also an irritant to the cartel. There’s not a chance in the world that this was random or some crossfire situation,” former Assistant to the FBI Chris Swecker told America’s Newsroom Wednesday.

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