Dead Ponies Found Partially Eaten by Something in a Pasture

A week after investigators closed the book on a rash of mysterious horse attacks along the North Carolina-South Carolina border, reports of four ponies found dead in their pasture surfaced. . .

The Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Department is investigating their deaths in Chesnee after meeting with the owner Wednesday, WYFF reported. . .

The owner, James Sexton, told WSPA he found the Welsh Ponies in their pasture off Highway 11 on Dec. 8, when he went to bring them hay and feed.

“Whatever got them ate her throat out and the two black colts, it ate their faces off,” he said, according to WSPA.

An incident report stated there weren’t any wounds indicative of “human-related involvement,” the media outlet reported. (Read more from “Dead Ponies Found Partially Eaten by Something in a Pasture” HERE)

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