Joe Biden Says Son Hunter Will Not Engage in Foreign Business If He Wins 2020 Race; Biden Still Can’t Explain What Son Was Doing ‘Working’ for Ukraine Company

By Washington Examiner. Joe Biden said that his family members, including Hunter Biden, would not engage in any foreign business if he wins the presidency in 2020.

That’s not because Hunter did anything wrong as a board member of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, the former vice president said, but due to questionable business activities of President Trump’s children.

“They will not be engaged in any foreign business because of what’s happened in this administration,” Biden said of Hunter Biden and brother James Biden, in an Axios on HBO interview that aired Sunday. “No one’s going to be seeking patents for things from China. No one’s going to be engaged in that kind of thing.”

Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma while Joe Biden, 77, worked on Ukrainian policy while vice president. House Democrats launched impeachment proceedings against Trump after revelations of a phone call in which Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens, which Democrats argue Trump did for personal political interests rather than legitimate policy reasons.

Trump and his allies suggest that Joe Biden acted in Hunter’s interest when he conditioned $1 billion in aid to Ukraine on firing an official who was investing Burisma, but many international organizations at the time wanted the prosecutor removed for other reasons, and there is no evidence that Biden acted with the intention of helping his son. (Read more from “Joe Biden Says Son Hunter Will Not Engage in Foreign Business If He Wins 2020 Race” HERE)


Biden Still Can’t Explain What Son Was Doing ‘Working’ for Ukraine Company

By Townhall. During an interview with Axios, former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden still couldn’t explain why his son Hunter was hired by Ukraine’s largest energy company. Hunter, who had recently been discharged from the Navy for drug use, was hired by Burisma and paid more than $80,000 a month despite the fact that Hunter had no relevant experience whatsoever. When Hunter was hired by Burisma, the company was mired in a corruption scandal and Hunter’s father just so happened to be the point man on Ukraine for the United States. Hmmm.

It gets worse. Biden forced Ukraine into firing the prosecutor investigating the company that was paying his son’s lucrative salary by threatening to cancel a billion-dollar loan guarantee from the United States. Basically, all the accusations of “bribery,” “quid pro quo” and “abuse of office for personal enrichment” that you hear Democrats accusing Donald Trump of doing, Joe Biden actually did. It’s a problem.

“There’s one thing that a lot of Democrats even do wonder about, and that is Hunter Biden, your son, was getting paid a lot of money to serve on the board of a Ukrainian energy company facing serious corruption charges,” the interviewer began. “You were the vice president running point on Ukraine. The average joe hears that and says ‘that sounds fishy.’ What’s your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money?”

“I don’t know what he was doing,” Biden responded indignantly. “I know he was on the board. I found out he was on the board after he was on the board. And that was it.” (Read more from “Biden Still Can’t Explain What Son Was Doing ‘Working’ for Ukraine Company” HERE)

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