Pete Buttigieg Attacks Joe Biden: Not The Best Candidate For Black Americans (VIDEO)

By Breitbart. Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Friday that although black Democrats were rallying around Joe Biden in states like South Carolina, the former vice president did not have their best interests at heart.

Buttigieg said black voters “felt abused” by Republicans and were “taken for granted” by Democrats, so they were siding with “one candidate” who was familiar — obviously referring to Biden, who has consistently polled with big leads in the African American vote.

Buttigieg said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire:

I don’t think that is the only candidate who has a vision on racial equality in this country, or necessarily the candidate who has the best, but they are rallying around a candidate who has earned the level of familiarity for decades.

Buttigieg’s comments were posted on Twitter by CBS News reporter Nicole Sganga.

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Joe Biden says majority of Democratic Party doesn’t support far-left views of AOC

By NY Post. Joe Biden has squashed claims the Democratic Party is making a hard-left turn — claiming in a new interview that the majority of the party doesn’t support the views of firebrand socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“You all thought that what happened was the party moved extremely to the left after Hillary [Clinton]. AOC was the new party,” the presidential wannabe, 77, told Axios, claiming media coverage of radical Democrats had it wrong.

“She’s a bright and wonderful person, but where’s the party?” Biden said of the Bronx-born politician, suggesting her reputation had been exaggerated. “Come on, man.”

The former vice president, a top-polling contender since he announced his White House bid in April, said progressive Democrats represented a much smaller faction of the party and claimed voters didn’t want Medicare for All — a key proposal of rivals Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. (Read more from “Joe Biden Says Majority of Democratic Party Doesn’t Support Far-Left Views of AOC” HERE)

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