Protester Yells at Biden During Campaign Event: ‘Don’t Touch Kids, You Pervert!’

A protester at a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden yelled at the former vice president on Sunday, telling him not to touch kids and calling him a “pervert.”

Biden and the protester, who is out of view in the video, go back and forth for several moments, with Biden saying, “Alright, I agree with you man, I agree, nice talking to you.”

The man shouted back at Biden, “Don’t touch kids, you pervert!”

ABC News reporter Molly Nagle tweeted about the incident, writing: “Wow—quite the start to @JoeBiden’s second event in NH. A man from the back of the room calls Biden a ‘pervert’ and accuses him of touching women and children, before a second man asks Biden where the money is he and his son ‘earned from Ukraine’ from the other side of the room.”

Biden has been called out for a long time over for inappropriately touching kids and women, including in a campaign ad from April 2019 from The Great America PAC.

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