79-Year-Old Gun Shop Owner and Military Veteran Kills Burglar During Shootout (VIDEO)

The attempted burglary of a gun shop in Harris County, Texas, left one dead after an exchange of gunfire.

The 79-year-0ld gun shop owner and military veteran woke up Tuesday around 4:30 a.m. local time to find a group of men attaching chains to a car and the doors of his store, according to local news station KHOU. The store owner said he heard a ruckus outside and went to check, where he watched a vehicle pull the doors off of his shop.

After one suspect entered the shop, the owner was noticed by another burglar and fired upon. The elderly veteran returned fire, striking at least one suspect before the group fled in multiple vehicles.

Seven miles away from the gun store, officers found a man lying in the road near a vehicle. Despite attempts to administer CPR, the man was pronounced dead due to a gunshot wound. Two handguns were recovered near the body, believed to be stolen from the gun store.

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