Father Fights off 4 Armed Robbers While Holding Baby

A father and daughter went on what was supposed to be a quick food run inside an Orange Mound McDonalds on Tuesday, but it became a moment that forever changed their lives.

“I’m getting chocked out from the back, then I’m getting hit all in my face,” Martavious Conner recalled. “And I have her in my hands at the time.”

The Memphis father was not only fighting for his own life, but that of his one-year-old daughter Malaysia as well. . .

Martavious Conner said one of the alleged attackers was also ‘packing heat.’ While being pistol-whipped and in a chokehold, the father said he was able to shoot one of the accused robbers in each leg. . .

The attackers drove off and stopped two miles away at a fire station. Police then took Cortez Cole, Ladarius Pugues, Quinton Webb and Terrell Pullen into custody. (Read more from “Father Fights off 4 Armed Robbers While Holding Baby” HERE)

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