Biden on Minority Support: ‘I Was Raised in the Black Church’

By Washington Examiner. Joe Biden spoke of his connection to black voters at an NAACP event Sunday afternoon and claimed his “political identity” was molded by minorities in his home state of Delaware.

“I have a lot of black support because that’s where I come from. I was raised in the black church, politically, not a joke,” the former vice president said in Des Moines. “When I got into politics, I was the only white guy working on the east side, in the projects, because these were the guys I grew up with. These were the guys I worked with.” . . .

He spoke extensively on his consistent support from black Democrats, which a number of polls show back him by double-digits over his rivals. That consistent support, Biden said, was because of his decades-long relationship with black voters that started when he was a city council member in Wilmington, Delaware. During his time as a local politician, Biden said he would “go to a black church after regular mass every Sunday.” (Read more from “Biden on Minority Support: ‘I Was Raised in the Black Church'” HERE)


Bernie Sanders Leading Joe Biden in New Poll

By NBC Boston. Bernie Sanders has moved into first place among Democratic presidential contenders in New Hampshire, according to a new NBC10 Boston/Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

The poll, released Monday, has Sanders in first place at 29%, followed by Joe Biden at 22% and Elizabeth Warren at 16%. They are trailed by Pete Buttigieg at 10% and Amy Klobuchar at 5%.

Among likely Republican primary voters, 72% said they would vote for President Donald Trump if the primary were held today, down from 79% two weeks ago. (Read more from “Bernie Sanders Leading Joe Biden in New Poll” HERE)

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