Democrats Press Supreme Court for Quick Decision to Save Obamacare

A coalition of blue states and congressional Democrats asked the Supreme Court Friday to salvage the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate, after a federal appeals court declared it unconstitutional.

The petitions also urged the justices to hear the appeal on an expedited basis and ensure the dispute is resolved by the end of the high court’s term in June. The request is unusual, and the justices may prefer a slower pace.

“The lower courts have struck down a federal statutory provision on constitutional grounds and cast doubt on the validity of the entire ACA, arguably the most consequential package of legislative reforms of this century,” the blue state petition reads. “That uncertainty threatens adverse consequences for patients, providers, and insurers nationwide.”

“Under these circumstances, this Court should grant immediate review and resolve the case this Term,” it adds.

Congressional Democrats filed their petition separately. Both the House and the blue states proposed a case schedule culminating with oral arguments in late April. The states also broached the possibility of a special sitting in May to hear the dispute. A decision would follow in June. (Read more from “Democrats Press Supreme Court for Quick Decision to Save Obamacare” HERE)

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