Prince Andrew ‘Begged’ Ghislaine Maxwell to Clear His Name – She Refused; Jeffrey Epstein’s Body Being Moved After Suicide ‘Not Normal’

By Stuff. Prince Andrew begged US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “madam” to clear his name by publicly defending him but she refused, it has been claimed.

British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell is the only other person said to have been present on the night US woman Virginia Roberts Giuffre has alleged she was forced to sleep with the prince when she was 17. He categorically denies the allegations.

“Andrew pleaded with Ghislaine to publicly defend him,” a source told the New York Post. “She carefully considered it, but decided no good would come of it. It isn’t in her best interests.”

As a result, the Duke of York went ahead with his own disastrous television interview that effectively resulted in his sacking from public duties.

Maxwell, a close friend of the prince’s, went into hiding after Epstein killed himself in prison in August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. It was claimed yesterday that she is being protected by her network of powerful friends and associates in “safe houses” all over the world. (Read more from “Prince Andrew ‘Begged’ Ghislaine Maxwell to Clear His Name – She Refused” HERE)


Jeffrey Epstein’s Body After Suicide Shouldn’t Have Been Moved, According to Federal Prison Guidelines

By NY Daily News. The guards who moved billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s body from a Manhattan prison cell after his jailhouse suicide violated federal protocol, according to a new report.

“No, that’s not normal,” said forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden in a “60 Minutes” interview airing Sunday on CBS. “The EMS people normally, and especially in a jail, should not move a dead body.”

Under federal Bureau of Prisons protocol, a suicide scene must be treated with the “same level of protection as any crime scene in which a death has occurred.”

Epstein, 66, was discovered by federal corrections guards shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Aug. 10, with one of the workers heard saying “Breathe Epstein, breathe,” according to the CBS report. He was taken to New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital, but was already beyond resuscitation.

Baden, a nationally-renowned pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother Mark to investigate the death, believes the federal inmate died about two hours earlier. (Read more from “Jeffrey Epstein’s Body After Suicide Shouldn’t Have Been Moved, According to Federal Prison Guidelines” HERE)

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