Geraldo Rivera: Donald Trump Is a ‘Civil-Rights Leader’ (VIDEO)

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera on Tuesday insisted that President Donald Trump is a “civil-rights leader,” pointing to low African-American unemployment to make his case.

The morning after Martin Luther King Day, the former Celebrity Apprentice star reacted to Trump’s arrival at the economic summit in Davos, telling the hosts of Fox & Friends that he feels “awful” for the president because he’s dealing with impeachment during his trip.

“This is an economic summit, the American economy is the envy of the world,” he declared. “I call him, to great controversy, a civil-rights leader, especially yesterday on Martin Luther King Day.”

“Because why?” Rivera continued. “African American unemployment—lowest it’s ever been. Latino unemployment—lowest it’s ever been. The rising tide, the rising tide is lifting all boats, we should be celebrating, instead he’s fighting this—this, you know, cage match.”

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