Trump Issues New Rule Ensuring Prayer in Schools Is Protected

President Trump issued updated rules on Thursday to ensure that public school students are allowed to engage in constitutionally protected prayer, calling his action “the Right to Pray.”

“Government must never stand between the people and God,” the president said during an Oval Office meeting with students of faith from across the country.

Mr. Trump warned that there is a “growing totalitarian” bent on the Left against religion. He said blocking prayer in schools “is totally unacceptable.”

Taking the action on National Religious Freedom Day, Mr. Trump announced updates to federal guidance on school prayer, which is required by federal law every two years but hasn’t been done since 2003.

“President Trump is committed to making sure that people of faith, particularly children, are not subjected to illegal punishment or pressure for exercising their constitutionally protected rights,” said White House Domestic Policy Council Director Joe Grogan. (Read more from “Trump Issues New Rule Ensuring Prayer in Schools Is Protected” HERE)

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