‘Assault on the Second Amendment’: Virginia Senate Passes Three Gun Control Bills

Virginia Democrats took an important step toward passing several gun control bills they have prioritized during this year’s General Assembly session.

The majority-Democrat state Senate passed legislation that would restrict monthly gun purchases, expand background checks on firearms, and allow localities to ban guns in certain designated areas.

“Ladies and gentleman, this is probably the first assault on the Second Amendment, and we’re going to see many after that,” Republican state Sen. Bill Stanley said.

Legislation in the Virginia General Assembly is considered by the state Senate and House of Delegates separately before being sent across chambers for review during a period known as “crossover.” Bills passed in both the Senate and the House of Delegates are then given to Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to be signed into law. . .

The issue of gun control in Virginia is playing out along demographic lines as urban voters demand action on gun violence while rural Virginians believe their second amendment rights are being infringed upon. More than 100 Virginia counties passed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions after Democrats gained a majority in the General Assembly in November. (Read more from “‘Assault on the Second Amendment’: Virginia Senate Passes Three Gun Control Bills” HERE)

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