Barr Blasts Trump Over Tweets About Roger Stone Case

By Daily Caller. In a surprising rebuke Thursday, Attorney General William Barr criticized President Donald Trump’s tweets about Roger Stone’s case and other Justice Department matters.

“I think it’s time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice criminal cases,” Barr told ABC News’ Pierre Thomas in an interview.

Trump on Tuesday blasted federal prosecutors’ recommendation that Stone serve up to nine years in prison for a conviction that stemmed from a case that started under the special counsel. . .

The Justice Department told reporters hours later that officials were “shocked” by the steep prison recommendation. Hours after that, four prosecutors on the Stone case withdrew, with one of them quitting the Justice Department altogether.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., which handled Stone’s case, submitted a new sentencing recommendation for the GOP operative, saying he deserved to spend time in prison, but for “far less” time than initially proposed. (Read more from “Barr Blasts Trump Over Tweets About Roger Stone Case” HERE)


So What Exactly Was Barr Doing in Criticizing Trump’s Tweets About the Roger Stone Case?

By Stephen Collinson. Perhaps Barr was acting to protect his own reputation, amid furious criticism of his conduct as the President’s shield. Or was he trying to head off a mutiny in his department? CNN reported on Wednesday that more prosecutors were considering walking out on the Justice Department amid fears for its independence after four lawyers had already quit the Stone case.

In the days ahead it may emerge that Barr gave the White House a heads-up about his move. A coordinated damage-control mission would not be impossible, since more than anyone in the administration, Barr may have leeway to buy some political capital, after basking in Trump’s praise for a string of decisions that appeared to protect the President. . .

One clue that Barr’s critique of Trump may not be an act of complete insubordination is suggested in the substance of his comments about the Stone case. The attorney general said he had always planned to reduce the department’s sentencing recommendation of up to nine years in jail for Stone, Trump’s longtime political fixer, implying that Trump’s tweet made that step more controversial. (Read more about Barr’s criticism of the President’s tweets on the Roger Stone case HERE)

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