Bloomberg Wants to Deny Elderly Patients Cancer Treatment

A resurfaced video of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg emerged over the week that showed him discussing health care while visiting a Jewish family in 2011 where he said that elderly people should be denied treatment for cancer as a solution for managing hospital’s scarce resources.

Bloomberg, who railed against Obamacare while talking to the Jewish family, said, “All of these costs keep going up, nobody wants to pay any more money and at the rate we’re going, health care is going to bankrupt us.”

“So, not only do we have a problem, it’s going to bankrupt us and we’ve got to sit here and say, ‘which things are we going to do and which things we’re not,’” Bloomberg continued. “Nobody wants to do that.”

“You know, you show up with prostate cancer and you’re 95-years-old, we should say, ‘go and enjoy, have a nice [inaudible], live a long life,’” Bloomberg continued. “There’s no cure and you can’t do anything, if you’re a young person we should do something about it. Society is not willing to do that yet, so [health care] is going to bankrupt us and we’re not looking at prophylactic care, we’re not trying to take care of things, so we don’t get sick.”

Bloomberg later praised the socialized medicine that Europe has, suggesting that it was better than America’s health care system. (Read more from “Bloomberg Wants to Deny Elderly Patients Cancer Treatment” HERE)

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