Cases of Infection, Deaths From Coronavirus EXPLODE in China; Coronavirus Cases Seemed to Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore; Trapped in China: U.S. Business Owner Stuck Overseas Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

By Daily Wire. The number of cases of those infected by the coronavirus in China exploded on Thursday as nearly 15,000 new cases and 242 new deaths from the virus were reported after health officials broadened the types of cases that they includes in their count.

The 14,840 new cases in the Hubei province was by far the largest single day spike of new cases as was the additional 242 people who were killed by it.

“Chinese officials previously only counted cases confirmed by nucleic acid tests, which critics said were faulty and greatly underestimated the true magnitude of the epidemic,” The Washington Post reported. “For weeks, Chinese doctors and patients have complained about a lack of nucleic acid testing kits and their accuracy. The dramatic jump in cases in Hubei essentially confirms longtime suspicions that China was for weeks vastly undercounting cases of the virus.” . . .

“The monthly survey of economists found 83% of economists expected the coronavirus outbreak will have a small impact on U.S. gross domestic product growth from January to March, or less than 0.5 percentage point,” The Journal reported. “Just 5% of forecasters expected a significant reduction of more than 0.5 percentage point off the quarter’s annual growth rate, while 10% expected no impact.”

Constance Hunter, chief economist at KPMG, told The Journal, “The negative demand shock from coronavirus is significant. China’s GDP will be impacted significantly and this will show up in everything from commodity prices to demand for global goods and services.” (Read more from “Deaths From Coronavirus Explodes in China” HERE)


Coronavirus Cases Seemed to Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore.

By The New York Times. The news seemed to be positive: The number of new coronavirus cases reported in China over the past week suggested that the outbreak might be slowing — that containment efforts were working.

But on Thursday, officials added more than 14,840 new cases to the tally of the infected in Hubei Province alone, bringing the total number to 48,206, the largest one-day increase so far recorded. The death toll in the province rose to 1,310, including 242 new deaths.

The sharp rise in reported cases illustrates how hard it has been for scientists to grasp the extent and severity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, particularly inside the epicenter, where thousands of sick people remain untested for the illness. (Read more from “Coronavirus Cases Seemed to Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore.” HERE)


Trapped in China: U.S. Business Owner Stuck Overseas Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

By News Las Vegas. A Las Vegas business owner who went to visit her family in China more than a month ago hasn’t been able to get back home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s serious here, it’s very serious here,” said Sarah Yang.

Sarah was set to land back in Las Vegas on Tuesday. By now, she would be helping her husband Heiko Katina run their Art to Art District Gallery in Tivoli Village. . .

She left to visit family and celebrate the Chinese new year on Jan. 1. It wasn’t until a few days later that news of the coronavirus outbreak came down.

The U.S. eventually banned entry on all foreigners traveling from China, and for the past two weeks, Sarah’s been confined to an apartment with limited interaction. (Read more from “Trapped in China: U.S. Business Owner Stuck Overseas Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak” HERE)

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