Teachers Unions Say Active Shooter Drills Traumatize Children

A report from the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association says that active shooter drills are traumatizing children. . .

The report, which was compiled in part by Everytown for Gun Safety and released Tuesday, insists that such safety drills negatively impact students’ mental health.

The report suggests that better ways of preparing students for active shooter situations include training teachers how to respond to a threat rather than putting it upon students to engage in drills.

Lilly Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, said that such traumas are not healthy for students.

“Everywhere I travel, I hear from parents and educators about active shooter drills terrifying students, leaving them unable to concentrate in the classroom and unable to sleep at night,” she said. “So traumatizing students as we work to keep students safe from gun violence is not the answer. That is why if schools are going to do drills, they need to take steps to ensure the drills do more good than harm.” (Read more from “Teachers Unions Say Active Shooter Drills Traumatize Children” HERE)

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