Sanders Curses out CNN Reporter When Asked About Failing Campaign; Is Bernie Sanders Ready to Bail on 2020?

By New York Post. Bernie Sanders exploded into expletives when asked Wednesday if he would pull the plug on his ailing campaign.

“I’m dealing with a f—ing global crisis,” the Vermont senator, back on Capitol Hill to vote on the $1 trillion Coronavirus bailout package, blew up at a veteran CNN reporter when pressed on the future of his White House bid after being thumped by Joe Biden in Tuesday night’s primaries.

[Warning: tweet contains explicit language.]

The foul rant was noted in a tweet by CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju recounting their conversation.

“You know, we’re dealing with,” Sanders hastily added, trailing off. . .

“Right now, I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?” Sanders griped.

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Is Bernie Sanders Ready to Bail on 2020?

By Vanity Fair. Just a few weeks ago, the Democratic primary—and the state of the country—looked completely different. Bernie Sanders had claimed victory in the first three contests and seemed to be running away with the nomination. Joe Biden, by contrast, was perhaps one more disappointing finish away from being knocked out of the race he’d led in national polls since entering it. But now, after racking up primary victories across the country, including some in decisive fashion, Biden has built a commanding delegate lead, is easily outpacing Sanders in national polls, and has forced his progressive rival to consider the future of his campaign.

Sanders was recently sending signals that he had no intention of leaving the race just yet. “I want the senator to stay in,” Nina Turner, one of the national co-chairs of his campaign, said earlier this week. But after another drubbing Tuesday in which Biden swept three more states, there are signs that Sanders may be preparing to exit. After losing Arizona, Florida, and Illinois on Tuesday, Sanders suspended Facebook advertisements, fueling speculation that his once-promising run was drawing to an end. An email to supporters updating them on the state of play which did not include the typical request for donations kept the rumor-mill churning. And while Axios pulled back its Wednesday report that Sanders was suspending his campaign, the Washington Post reported later that his campaign has been in regular contact with Biden’s team, apparently to discuss policy ideas about the novel coronavirus that has upended American life—a sign, potentially, that Sanders could soon step aside and cement Biden as the party nominee to take on Donald Trump in November. . .

In an email to supporters after Tuesday’s losses, Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir acknowledged that the contests “did not go the way we wanted” and said the candidate was returning to Vermont to “seek input” from supporters and “assess the path forward for our campaign.” But Shakir also noted that the next primary “is at least three weeks away,” suggesting he’s not in a hurry to decide. Sanders himself has appeared understandably focused on the pandemic threatening the nation: “I’m dealing with a f***ing global crisis,” he snapped at CNN’s Manu Raju Wednesday when asked about the status of his campaign. “Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?” (Read more from “Is Bernie Sanders Ready to Bail on 2020?” HERE)

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