There Is a Possible ‘New’ Coronavirus Symptom; Teen Dies One Day After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

By Townhall. The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic still has the world on edge. Italy has been ravaged by the illness, with tens of thousands infected and thousands of deaths. The U.S. also has tens of thousands of confirmed cases, but the death toll isn’t nearly as high. For Italy, the good news is the number of confirmed cases today shows that the nation’s lockdown is working and there may be signs that the curve is starting to flatten over there. Again, things can change.

The disease has crashed the markets. The virus is highly contagious and very lethal to those who are over the age of 65 and the immunocompromised. That doesn’t mean younger people can’t get it. They can and have—and some have died already. A woman in her 30s is said to have passed away from the virus in the St. Louis area. Young people can still get really sick, but a great many will either have mild symptoms or be asymptomatic. That’s good and bad news. The bad news is that since people who are mild-to-asymptomatic-aren’t deathly ill, they could go outside and spread it to those who are highly susceptible to dying from the virus. This disease can survive in the air for hours and on certain surfaces for up to three days. The symptoms are fever, cough, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Yet, across the pond, in the UK, we have a new symptom that is causing concern for doctors: loss of smell. (Read more from “There Is a Possible ‘New’ Coronavirus Symptom” HERE)


20-Year-Old With Coronavirus Reports Experiencing ‘Very Different’ Symptoms

By New York Post. A 20-year-old American woman who tested positive for the novel coronavirus said she suffered symptoms that hadn’t previously been associated with the infection, including hearing loss.

Julia Buscaglia — who was staying in Italy when she first started showing symptoms — decided to share her story in a now-viral Twitter thread because “others are reporting very different experiences than mine,” she wrote. . .

On March 1, she said, she woke up feeling better but decided to see a doctor because of the escalating coronavirus concerns in Italy. The doctor said she simply had a cold — but then she began to lose hearing in her left ear, despite having no cough, she wrote.

The next day, “hearing in both ears was significantly less,” and she said she could feel phlegm in the back of her throat, but simply brushed it off as a cold symptom. . .

“I still couldn’t hear, and at this point I lost all ability to taste and smell, yet I did not have a runny nose or cough,” she wrote. “I had a headache constantly during the day which I just treated with Tylenol. I left the next morning to return to America.” (Read more from “20-Year-Old With Coronavirus Reports Experiencing ‘Very Different’ Symptoms” HERE)


British Teen Dies One Day After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

By New York Post. An 18-year-old has died in the UK — one day after testing positive for COVID-19, according to officials.

The unidentified teen died in University Hospital in Coventry and is believed to be the youngest of 281 fatalities linked to the pandemic in the UK, officials confirmed to the Telegraph on Sunday.

The 18-year-old had “significant underlying health issues” when confirmed to have COVID-19, the hospital’s chief medical officer, professor Kiran Patel, told CoventryLive. (Read more from “British Teen Dies One Day After Testing Positive for Coronavirus” HERE)

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