COVID-Sniffing Dogs at Miami Airport Have 99 Percent Accuracy

Two COVID-sniffing dogs in Miami International Airport’s latest pilot program are reportedly more than 99 percent accurate at detecting the virus in their training.

Last week, a pair of dogs, named Cobra and One Betta, who were trained at the Forensic and Justice Center at Florida International University, began a 30-day program where they would detect COVID-19 among airport employees and alert when the virus is detected in a sniff test.

“We trained these dogs just using face coverings from patients, who, at a hospital, have COVID and those who do not,” Florida International University’s Kenneth Furton told CNN’s New Day on Monday.

Cobra and One Betta are able to sniff out the virus through the breath and sweat of an infected person due to metabolic changes caused by COVID. (Read more from “COVID-Sniffing Dogs at Miami Airport Have 99 Percent Accuracy” HERE)

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