Trump Surges to Statistical Tie With Slumping Joe Biden in Latest Presidential Poll

The latest presidential election polling has President Donald Trump in a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Among registered voters, Biden leads Trump 49% to 47% in the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, well within the statistical margin of error of 3.5 points. The 2% represents a significant upsurge from the poll’s February gap of 7% — Biden’s 52% to Trump’s 45% — and comes at a time of positive polling regarding the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Biden still enjoys a statistical lead over Trump, the so-called “enthusiasm gap” in the poll favors the incumbent president. Currently, 86% of registered voters already declared for Trump are enthusiastic about their support, compared with 74% of Biden supporters.

Trump saw a 14-point upsurge in support from white women without college degrees, a group that had been turning away from the president of late. In another bit of good news for the incumbent president, 15% of those currently supporting Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders say they will support Trump in November.

“More telling is the gap in the intensity of that enthusiasm, which can translate into who turns out to vote and who might not,” The Washington Post reported. “Among registered voters who support Trump, 55 percent say they are very enthusiastic about backing him while 32 percent say they are somewhat enthusiastic. Among Biden’s supporters, a far smaller 28 percent say they are very enthusiastic while 46 percent are somewhat enthusiastic.” (Read more from “Trump Surges to Statistical Tie With Slumping Joe Biden in Latest Presidential Poll” HERE)

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