Biden, Seeking an Answer to Irrelevance, Walks Into Trump’s Trap

. . .Since releasing his plan, Biden has continued to attack Trump about the coronavirus, with limited success. In addition to the problems listed above, Biden’s appearances highlight that there’s something wrong with him. His blunders are not the usual gaffes of someone always under the spotlight. They’re the mistakes of someone who is a few cards short of a full deck. . .

Because the Trump team is intelligent, it’s so far opted to avoid attacking Biden’s obvious weaknesses. Instead, Kellyanne Conway chose to demand that Biden put his money where his mouth is if he has such great ideas. . .

Biden was unable to resist the bait, announcing that he would reach out to Trump. And Trump, seeing his fish on the hook, had the right answer:

When asked whether he would be receptive to a phone call with the Democrats’ primary frontrunner, the president said yes.

There’s no way Biden can come out of this conversation looking good. Trump will treat him with the utmost respect while making sure to highlight the fact that Biden was useless during the Obama presidency, that Biden’s plans are duplicative of what Trump has already done, and that Biden is mentally weak. The best thing of all would be to televise this meeting because it would highlight Trump’s vigor and acumen compared to Biden’s faded glory. (Read more from “Biden, Seeking an Answer to Irrelevance, Walks Into Trump’s Trap” HERE)

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