Comrade Fauci and Field Marshall Birx – the New High Priests of Scientism

April 7, 2020 – San Francisco, CA – – Nothing floats the boat of autocrats more reliably than statistics. This is so because it lends bureaucrats a pretext to speak with a kind of religious authority which would ordinarily be denied them.

We in the West live in an automated, technocratic culture where decisions of all kinds are made according to the vagaries of “big data.” Mathematical in nature, such things as regression analysis and other kinds advanced methods are used to arrive at models that for many, implicitly carry the seal of “certifiably true.”

This method or technique is very handy, for example in manufacturing where it allows corporations to control the overall process in as lean, efficient and profitable a manner as possible.

For example, the United States automobile industry in order to remain economically viable, must bring together at the point of manufacture literally tens of thousands of components and processes. This need be done in order to keep production lines running at a rate consistent with demand. Lacking even the smallest part needed to assemble the final whole, stops the process cold, a reality very much consistent with the ancient proverb, “for want of a nail…the battle was lost, all for the loss of a horse-shoe nail.”

Command of huge amounts of viable data allows manufacturers to keep inventories as low as possible, so that much needed capital isn’t tied up in components [often financed] that in themselves are non-profitable while sitting on shelves. In Detroit [a metaphor, the automobile industry being widely dispersed across the globe] inventories are often kept at a level which will last for only 4 hours! This means that during an 8-hour-shift, entire inventories will be turned twice, supplies arriving no faster than they are consumed – a process that accountants call “just-in-time.”

But producing goods is vastly different from using these same processes to lend an air of empirical truth or veracity to decisions which may well affect the life or death of individual citizens. This process can be seen as a sort of philosophical triage where the well-being of each citizen in contrasted against the amorphous concept – the public good.

The consequences of running out of engine mounts at Chevrolet’s Bowling Green Corvette assembly line shuts things down right now, lost profit and angry customers results. But once the inventory of mounts returns to the proper calculated level, production returns, profits flow and hot-rodders get to do burnouts.

However the consequences of making poor choices within the realm of social/people issues simply because they are supported by assumedly correct empirical data can be disastrous, as we are now witnessing in the health-care field. Nearly every day for the last month Americans have been treated to the Fauci/Birx amateur hour where two individuals – each a highly intelligent medical doctor – have been ceded control of the world’s largest and most important economy, the one that drives the welfare of billions.

This is a planned result; it is happening because the West’s cultural leaders have been deluded in welcoming empiricism into the very difficult process of reasoning we use to think about and make ethical and moral choices.

Much of the impetus behind this process can be traced to the philosophical trends of the last two hundred years ago, certainly from Kant and Hegel onward through Marx and Nietzsche whereby the ethical concepts of truth, good and evil have been destroyed, dismissed as being non-cognitive principles, incapable of producing knowledge.

God is dead – we killed Him.

Yes or no, on or off, the binary 1 or 0, that now largely reckons our world. In a vast number of areas we have become slaves to scientism, the elevation of the scientific method to the level of a religion.

As a consequence, we have come to rely on data to make the types of choices with which agencies of the federal government have been empowered. But data is a funny thing, it can and does come from a multiplicity of sources and to say that input always and conclusively represents this or that is to delude ourselves into thinking that the grand entirety of our world can be reduced to formal models based upon mathematics.

The reality of this is that the nature of these things is entirely subjective, but we remain awestruck by the notion of quantifiability, we over-value that which is called science which is why many of us are now hanging on the every word of two very bright but entirely fallible doctors.

In science, the process often proceeds from observation to hypothesis to predictive results and then confirmation or negation, again by observation. If confirmed we have a theory – a pretty good idea of how things work – but what if the process goes awry, the data set is wrong, and the supposed confirmatory evidence is therefore tainted or incomplete?

Then we would be forcing the proverbial square peg into the round hole, we will demand that reality comport with a faulty model.

This is exactly what Fauci and Birx are now doing. Their predictions in no way represent medical reality here in the United States. Taking the above approach they hypothesized, from limited and tainted data and thought it confirmed their theory.

But the problem is that at every turn it is now clear that neither of these authority figures have a real grasp of the dynamics of the engineered ChiCom virus, yet they refuse to admit they were wrong.

Can anyone forget these two telling the American people that this flu was so deadly that 1-2 million of us would die? But that didn’t take place, so estimates were reduced tenfold, still 1-200,000 deaths would be a nightmare, but it too didn’t happen.

This writer right now has no idea as to what kind of pseudo-science is driving the numbers, though it seems that the ChiCom virus will kill about the same number of people who normally die of the “common” flu.

We are now faced with an opportunity to re-evaluate this entire approach. You cannot close the arsenal of the free world on the strength of predictions made by now entirely discredited individuals – this includes the ChiCom tool who now runs the UN’s World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a Third Worlder who is not a medical doctor [Ed: Third Worlder not being a pejorative, but the fact is that a people who are still dealing with malaria cannot be reasonably expected to manage something as complex as world, health, few are ].

During George W. Bush last term he ordered a review process whereby the United States would be better prepared to deal with pandemics, which are always just around the corner. But where was Fauci, where was Birx, where is the standing emergency response infrastructure, the stored surgical masks, ventilators and quick reaction/triage teams which would have been primed to deal with flu viruses had the directive been followed as envisioned? [ED – GW Bush wanted all of this done because his public health team was concerned about the possibility of an enemy using smallpox as a bio-weapon. His team actually war-gamed this possibility, see William Mayer, Obama, GW Bush, WMDs and CDC’s Response to Ebola – U.S. Wide Open For Asymmetrical Warfare On A Horrific Scale and determined that the US was wide-open to attack and that a significant small pox attack would destroy the fabric of America in 30 days!! The 2001 “Dark Winter – Bioterrorism Simulation Exercise,” was created by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC and the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies.]

Given the demonstrated need to establish systems to deal with the existential threat of biologically bases asymmetrical warfare, the lack of preparedness in dealing with a comparatively simple virus breakout like Wuhan is confirmatory evidence proving that the United States public health system is just another irresponsibly run bureaucracy, albeit one that can run rogue and trash the global economy.

Marxism drives the entire process of which the response mechanism to ChiCom flu is part. But that ideology no longer is what it purported to be mid-19 th century, history does not motivate events, the proletarian revolution has and never will materialize, capitalism will not bring forth the collectivist state and the labor theory of value is childish.

Instead the brightest of these people have moved wholesale to the theories that have come out of Germany’s Frankfurt School/Institute for Social Research, which primarily consists of a concept called critical theory that holds that it is the empirical approach that should dominate the philosophical content of our politics. More dangerously, Critical Theory is inherently and mandatorily destructive because it is radically revolutionary. The application of the technique [Ideologiekritik in the original German] to the West is toxic, its first thesis being:

“Radical criticism of society and criticism of its dominant ideology are inseparable; the ultimate goal of all social research should be the elaboration of a critical theory of society of which Ideologiekritik would be an integral part.” – Raymond Geuss, The Idea of a Critical Theory – Habermas & the Frankfurt School, pg. 26, Cambridge University Press]

This neo-Marxism is informed by not only Critical Theory, but Intersectionality. The two combine to offer a reductionist approach to deconstructing Western political theory and the civilization which has embraced it.

We should never again allow government doctors [Fauci and Birx] the power to rule this country by edict and fiat. Both Fauci and Birx made their wild prediction of millions of deaths relying upon irrelevant and incomplete data such as the mortality figures coming from the practitioners of socialized medicine in China, Italy and Spain. When they were proven wrong they simply revised their estimates until those too were found wanting in the extreme.

What is going on here is that the data is being judged outside of the manner in which it is employed. Sure the fright-wig scare mongering is irresponsible, but few are using the opportunity to attack the method whereby it was produced. We do not ever again want to see proven failures guiding policy at this level. One hopes that after these dark days pass that Fauci, Birx and WHO’s Tedros Adhanom, are banished from the world of public health, but government is never accountable so they will most likely fail upwards.

It’s the nature of such things after all. (For more from the author of “Comrade Fauci and Field Marshall Birx – the New High Priests of Scientism” please click HERE)


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