New Wuhan Horror: Witness Claims Coronavirus Victims Burned Alive!; Time to Put China on Lockdown for Its Dishonesty Amid Coronavirus Crisis

By WND. Coronavirus patients in the Chinese city where the pandemic originated, Wuhan, were put in body bags and burned alive at a funeral home, Radio Free Asia reported.

A source close to the funeral industry surnamed Ma claimed that some crematories have stopped working after running day and night, sometimes cremating several bodies at once.

Ma said reports have emerged of people restrained and forced into body bags when they were still moving.

“One old lady was saying that they put one guy into … a body bag when he wasn’t even dead yet, and took him off to the crematorium because there was no way of saving him,” the source said.

“Some people are saying that … there are video clips of screams coming from funeral homes, from inside the furnaces … which tells us that some people were taken to the funeral homes while they were still alive.” (Read more from “New Wuhan Horror: Witness Claims Coronavirus Victims Burned Alive!” HERE)


Time to Put China on Lockdown for Its Dishonesty Amid Coronavirus Crisis

By USA Today. There are many lessons to be learned from the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. But one is already clear: China needs to be isolated from the civilized world until its behavior improves. We are in the current situation, with deaths and economic devastation worldwide, because China handled this outbreak with its trademark mixture of dishonesty, incompetence and thuggery. Were China a more civilized nation, this outbreak would have been stopped early, and with far less harm, inside and outside of China. . .

But wherever the virus came from, China’s response was inept, dishonest and utterly inconsiderate of the rest of the world. A competent, honest response would have placed the world on notice much earlier. A China that cared about the rest of the world would have halted flights abroad while this disease was spreading, instead of allowing its citizens to spread willy-nilly around the globe. (As Brian Kennedy writes: “China seems to have taken the position that if they were to suffer the coronavirus, so too was the United States and the rest of the world. What else is to explain the continuation of flights from China to the United States at the rate of some 20,000 passengers a day, until President Trump wisely shut them down?”) . . .

This calls for a response.

The response needs to be harsh enough to teach the Chinese government a lesson, which means pretty harsh, as they appear to still think they can brazen this out. Among other things, the United States — and ideally the world community at large — need to sharply reduce economic relations with China. In particular, no one should be relying on them for medicines, medical equipment and other vital goods. (China’s state news service threatened to plunge America into a “mighty sea” of coronavirus by withholding critical medications.) Chinese scientists should no longer have easy access to Western laboratories or universities. Chinese political leaders should no longer find it easy to travel the world. (Read more from “Time to Put China on Lockdown for Its Dishonesty Amid Coronavirus Crisis” HERE)

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