State Tickets 50 Cars Attending Easter Church Service

As hymns sang out Easter Sunday from a large outdoor speaker overlooking the Maryville Baptist Church parking lot, two Kentucky State troopers placed quarantine notices on parishioners’ cars and wrote down their license numbers.

Inside the church, roughly 50 worshipers ignored Gov. Andy Beshear’s order against mass gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic so they could attend services together on Christianity’s holiest day.

Several said as they left that they had no intention of abiding by the notice on their windshields that called for a 14-day self-quarantine or face the threat of “further enforcement measures.” . . .

Even so, it’s clear that Maryville’s pastor, the Rev. Jack Roberts, has no intention of ending in-person services, despite the deadly pandemic, putting his church among a handful of others across Kentucky that have rebuffed Beshear’s wishes.

Roberts arrived at the church Sunday morning to find several piles of nails dumped at the church entrances to the parking lot. He said he wouldn’t tell his congregation to follow or defy the orders that Beshear announced Friday in his ongoing effort to hold down the spread of COVID-19. (Read more from “State Tickets 50 Cars Attending Easter Church Service” HERE)

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