Forget Israel — Americans Should Start a ‘BDS’ Movement Against China ASAP

. . .So what would a BDS movement against China look like?

First would be a leveling of sanctions against all companies with ties to China’s military, to weapons of mass destruction, and to its persecution of Uyghurs and other minorities. . .

Sanctioning alone is not enough, however. Divestment must follow. We must ensure that America’s pension funds, college endowments and personal savings are not used by China’s proliferators and human-rights violators to continue doing business.

Here I have some good news to report. Forty percent of Americans now say they will never again buy a product “Made in China.” Like me, they would prefer to “use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without,” rather than fatten the coffers of the regime that has unleashed so much havoc across the world.

The other half of America needs to join in as well. Do it for the millions imprisoned in re-education camps by the CCP, for the tens of millions it murdered over its 71-year history, or for the hundreds of millions of women it forcibly aborted in the one-child policy. (Read more from “Forget Israel — Americans Should Start a ‘BDS’ Movement Against China ASAP” HERE)

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