“We’re on the Wrong Side of History, Past the Point of No Return”

What’s happening in America right now are the most vivid examples yet why “revival or bust” has been our show mantra for years. There are too many Americans who either weren’t taught the American vision, or who oppose it, to have a unifying melting pot around core values as we used to. Which helped us rise above our imperfections and injustices to still produce the greatest beacon for liberty this fallen world has ever seen. The light is flickering now.

Therefore, there’s only one outcome here: revival or bust. Either another Great Awakening will take place, which brings us back to the old magic, or there will be some form of national divorce — which is what bust is. When one spouse thinks the only reason the other could possibly disagree with them on anything is the most sinister of motivations possible, that marriage as-is cannot be saved.

Our cities aren’t secure. Our nursing homes aren’t secure. Our churches aren’t open. Our kids can’t go to school or the playground. Our businesses can’t fully open. We now have 40 million unemployed. If it was any other country, we’d consider this was divine judgment. We’re on the wrong side of HIStory here.

Which brings us to Trump, who now does become a central figure in how this plays out. Not because of him uniquely, but because of what those who love him and hate him more than they should see in him. One side thinks they found themselves an American Winston Churchill. And the other side recognizes the worldview they seek to erase thinks that, and therefore have made making America become a failed state on his watch their personal D-Day.

Caught in the middle of all this are Trump’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the goulash of beliefs he’s assembled around him in his administration/movement. For every culture warrior there’s a Jared Kushner or Steve Mnuchin. For every great evangelist there’s a Paula White. So his administration is constantly driving with the gas and the brakes at the same time. With often the initial impulse to do what is right in response, but then lacking the follow through/will once enemy resistance is met.

Meanwhile, the enemy sees resistance as barely a speed bump.

In California right now law enforcement won’t stop looting of private businesses and riots. But they will stop you from really having church, and a majority-Republican appointed Supreme Court signed off on that. In most places in America right now a large gathering of people cannot eat at a restaurant, but they can burn it down. You were safe from the virus at the biggest of big box stores, but no family-owned local businesses for some reason. And a vocal segment of our population has made covering their faces with surgical hijabs, which actual science shows isn’t going to save them, a virtue signal worth dying for.

Up until now, Trump has gotten by with largely tough talk. He’s done good things, but they’ve all really been easy if we’re being honest. He hasn’t really defied any part of the system that defies us. And we’ve largely judged him on a sliding scale in comparison to his predecessors, because of how betrayed we’ve been by the Republican Party all these years.

Whether Trump is truly Batman here come to finally confront the mean streets of Gotham (or not) is irrelevant, because what’s happening now is the spirit of the age has upped the ante thinking he might be — or because many of us think that he is. The Joker has revealed himself. Chaos reigns. And if we all didn’t know there was going to be a cost to wanting to finally confronting this, surely we do now.

Trump’s tough talk won’t suffice here. He tried it on Twitter, they instantly called his bluff the next day. He’s tweeting about the rioters, yet the riots continued. He’s not up against newsroom metrosexuals obsessed with avocado toast, has-been deep state bureaucrats trying to use MSNBC’s small audience to do a Pink Panther-level clumsy coup, or space cadet Pelosi. These have never been the real villains, merely caricatures.

The likes of CNN and its ilk are Trevor Slattery, doing political porn for largely wealthy and white fake woke folks to get off in between croquet tournaments and Howard Zinn book club meetings. This is pathetic content for the self-righteous to justify being even more so. Wealthy white people who think they’re down with the struggle, when they’re really just doing Marie Antoinette impersonations.

They’re not the real Mandarin. The real Mandarin phoned home with a riot at CNN’s corporate headquarters, so you would know the real thing. The real Mandarin called Trump’s Twitter bluff the very next day. The real Mandarin has been out in the streets this weekend, calling Trump’s bluff. And then filming beatings with their phones rather than helping the victims.

See, the real Mandarin thinks Trump is just a bloviating billionaire. He’s not Tony Stark. He’s not some bad ass, and he’s never going to be your Iron Man. He’s going to launch rockets like its 1969, while your kids weren’t permitted a 2020 graduation or wedding. All show and no go. All style no substance.

The spirit of the age is calling Trump’s bluff, which means its really calling many of ours. Just as it did when it made too many of us stay home, lose our job and business, and all over unvetted science that has proven to be junk from the bowels of flat earth. Some of you are still at home, emailing me about the Second Amendment and how you’re trapped in your homes. One of these things is not like the other.

We don’t need anymore tweets or addresses. This nation is past rallying with sentimentality anyway. We need action. We only need action.

Starting with Antifa and all other mobs who are violent, loot and riot are instantly declared domestic terrorists, and treated accordingly. If state and local law enforcement will not protect their citizens they will be defunded at the federal level. Just as federal authorities had to enforce the 13th and 14th Amendments when states and locales wanted to remain racist in the past, they will defend the Constitution from their lawlessness now. The oath says all enemies — foreign and DOMESTIC. That includes criminal charges against state and local officials who don’t defend the civil rights of their citizens.

We are overdue for a broad, and finally honest, conversation about race in this country in our time. Both how far we’ve come and where we still need to go. To come now, and reason together. But we refuse to do so while being domestically terrorized. We will not incentivize lawlessness.

We supposedly have a law and order president who doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Time to see it. Not read it on Twitter. Not hear it from his apologists in conservative media. We need to see it.

That is real villainy out in our streets. And it will only be stopped by real justice.

You’re up, Mr. President. Your hand has been called. What are you holding?

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