Joe Biden Would Be Found Guilty of Rape Under the Title IX Standard He Supports; Democrats’ Desperation About Tara Reade Is Growing. So Is Their Hypocrisy.

By Washington Examiner. Despite evidence supporting charges that he raped a subordinate in 1993, Joe Biden deserves the benefit of the doubt. Or he would deserve it, were he not such a hypocrite as to deny that benefit to others.

In 2011, the Obama administration, in which Biden was a boastfully proud member, released a “Dear Colleague” letter instructing colleges and universities how to handle sexual assault allegations under Title IX. In practice, this “guidance” threatened to withdraw federal funds from colleges that failed to convict and expel all students accused of sexual assault.

Biden enthusiastically supported the measure. Anyone can make a mistake. But Biden has not learned from his mistake or withdrawn his support even after it is crystal clear that the policy is a disaster. Lives of innocent students have been ruined. Yet Biden is promising to reinstate the guilty-until-proven-innocent standard, which the Trump administration has ended, if he wins the presidency. Under this obscene standard, Biden himself would almost certainly be found guilty of rape.

The results of the Obama administration Title IX policy were catastrophic. In case after case, college men were denied basic due process rights that defendants in civilized nations take for granted; they could not confront accusers, question witnesses, compel the production of exculpatory evidence, be represented by counsel, be presumed innocent, or even, in some cases, know the charges leveled against them. (Read more from “Joe Biden Would Be Found Guilty of Rape Under the Title IX Standard He Supports” HERE)


Democrats’ Desperation About Tara Reade Is Growing. So Is Their Hypocrisy.

By National Review. There aren’t a ton of synonyms for the word “hypocrisy.” I’ve become aware of this problem ever since I began writing about the Tara Reade–Joe Biden situation. I keep gravitating towards phrases such as “despicable hypocrisy,” or “partisan hypocrisy,” or “unconscionable hypocrisy,” but you can only go to the well so often. Really, though, I’m not sure how else to describe the actions of someone like Senator Dianne Feinstein.

You might recall that it was Feinstein, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, who withheld Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from the Senate so that it could not be properly vetted, in a last-ditch effort to sink the nomination.

Feinstein knew that Ford’s credibility was brittle — the alleged victim could not tell us where or when the attack occurred, hadn’t mentioned Kavanugh’s name to anyone for over 30 years, and offered nothing approaching a contemporaneous witness.

At first, Feinstein did not want to provide Ford’s name, or a place or time of the alleged attack, or allow the accused to see any evidence against him, denying him the ability to answer the charges.

Henceforth this brand of justice could be referred to as “The Joe Biden Standard,” since it’s exactly the kind of show trial the presumptive Democratic nominee promises college kids via Title IX rules. (Read more from “Democrats’ Desperation About Tara Reade Is Growing. So Is Their Hypocrisy.” HERE)

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