Biden Signals Willingness to Use ‘Unfettered Discretion’ to Reject Pipelines

Joe Biden is signaling he would make it difficult for developers to obtain federal permits to build fossil fuel infrastructure such as pipelines and liquefied natural gas export facilities, delivering on a key priority of environmental groups.

“There is virtually unfettered discretion there, so long as procedural safeguards are observed,” said Glenn Schwartz, director of policy at Rapidan Energy Group, a consultancy firm.

As his chief tool to curb pipelines and LNG export terminals, Biden could require thorough and lengthy reviews to determine whether a project’s economic value is outweighed by its contribution to climate change.

Biden’s official plan to address climate change commits “that every federal infrastructure investment should reduce climate pollution” and requires “any federal permitting decision to consider the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.”

“Biden’s assessment and protocols he will put around potential fossil projects is absolutely spot on,” said Jane Kleeb, chairwoman of the Nebraska Democratic Party and a leading grassroots organizer against pipelines. “We can’t keep developing fossil fuel projects and also think we are solving climate change. Those can’t be on parallel tracks.” (Read more from “Biden Signals Willingness to Use ‘Unfettered Discretion’ to Reject Pipelines” HERE)

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