CDC: Coronavirus Death Rate May Be Ten Times Lower Than Previously Thought

By Reuters. Government experts believe more than 20 million Americans could have contracted the coronavirus, 10 times more than official counts, indicating many people without symptoms have or have had the disease, senior administration officials said.

The estimate, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is based on serology testing used to determine the presence of antibodies that show whether an individual has had the disease, the officials said.

The officials, speaking to a small group of reporters on Wednesday night, said the estimate was based on the number of known cases, between 2.3 million and 2.4 million, multiplied by the average rate of antibodies seen from the serology tests, about an average of 10 to 1.

“If you multiply the cases by that ratio, that’s where you get that 20 million figure,” said one official.

If true, the estimate would suggest the percentage of U.S. deaths from the disease is lower than thought. More than 120,000 Americans have died from the disease since the pandemic erupted earlier this year. (Read more from “CDC: Coronavirus Death Rate May Be Ten Times Lower Than Previously Thought” HERE)


Cases Rise as Deaths Fall

By Katy Grimes. The number of coronavirus deaths per day has continued to fall in June even as the number of cases has increased due to ramped up testing. “Cases” only mean those who test positive for the virus. It does not necessarily translate into hospitalizations or deaths. Most people are asymptomatic [and] the deaths attributed to it are still being overstated, according to a new report at Issues and Insights, which links to the Atlantic’s COVID-19 Tracking Project.

“The average number of daily COVID-19 deaths on a weekly basis has fallen from a peak of just over 2,000 to 700 or so. That’s a roughly 65% decline. And it’s no fluke. The figure has been dropping steadily since April.”

“As Youyang Gu, an MIT data scientist who created the COVID site, tweeted: ‘To put the increase in deaths in context, Delaware added 69 deaths today: ‘The revision came from identifying 67 deaths dating back to April.’ So if you take out those 67 deaths, the week-over-week deaths have not changed.’”

“Goldman Sachs’ state-level tracker shows similar trends. The volume of coronavirus tests has risen 23% in the past two weeks, but positive results have increased just 1.3 percentage points to 6.2%. Meanwhile, deaths have fallen over the past two weeks by 12%.”

I&I says the deaths are grossly exaggerated, as California Globe has reported, and even noted the CDC adjusted the deaths last month, but it’s buried deeply on their website. (Read more from this story on the inflated coronavirus death rate HERE)


Nearly 25 Million Americans May Have Had the Wuhan Flu

By Reid Wilson. Nearly 25 million Americans may have contracted the coronavirus, a figure 10 times higher than the number of confirmed cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday.

In a briefing with reporters Thursday, CDC Director Robert Redfield said surveys of blood samples taken from around the country suggest that millions of Americans may have contracted the virus either without knowing it or with only minimal symptoms. . .

“This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. “We probably recognized about 10 percent of the outbreak.”

. . .Most people who contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus show few if any symptoms, and only a small percentage require hospitalization. (Read more about the exaggerated coronavirus death rate HERE)

Coronavirus more likely to hospitalize or kill people with these 5 underlying conditions

By Fox News. As the coronavirus resurges in hotspots across the United States, health officials are doing everything they can to safeguard Americans who are most at risk of the disease.

It’s well-documented that elderly adults and those with underlying conditions are susceptible to negative effects of the virus and are in many cases less likely to recover. But what underlying conditions are most likely to lead to poor health outcomes in patients who contract COVID-19?

. . .These are the five highest-reported underlying conditions in patients with COVID-19:


Cardiovascular disease



Chronic lung disease

(Read more from “Coronavirus more likely to hospitalize or kill people with these 5 underlying conditions” HERE)

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