Trump Jr. On Biden Limiting Antibody Treatments: ‘Americans Will Die,’ Punishing ‘Political Enemies’

Donald Trump Jr. slammed the Biden administration on Thursday in response to reports that it will restrict the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments to states after a slew of predominately Republican-led states in the South have seen a surge in demand for the treatments.

“Americans will die because of Biden’s despicable decision to punish his political enemies in red states by restricting their ability to secure life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments for all that need them,” Trump tweeted. “Their blood is directly on Joe’s hands.”

“Federal health officials plan to allocate specific amounts to each state under the new approach, in an effort to more evenly distribute the 150,000 doses that the government makes available each week,” Politico reported. “The approach is likely to cut into shipments to GOP-led states in the Southeast that have made the pricey antibody drug a central part of their pandemic strategy, while simultaneously spurning mask mandates and other restrictions.” (Read more from “Trump Jr. On Biden Limiting Antibody Treatments: ‘Americans Will Die,’ Punishing ‘Political Enemies’” HERE)

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