FCC Orders China-Owned Phoenix TV to Cease Us-Mexico Broadcasts Within 48 Hours; China’s Warning After U.S. Labels 4 Media Firms as “Propaganda Outlets”

By Washington Examiner. The Federal Communications Commission gave a Chinese government-linked Phoenix Radio, which broadcasts from Mexico into the United States, just 48 hours to cease its cross-border operations after it concealed the company’s ties to Beijing.

The FCC’s International Bureau announced Monday that it dismissed a broadcast application to deliver Mandarin Chinese programming from a studio located in California to XEWW-AM in Mexico for rebroadcast back over the border into the U.S. The FCC said the application was dismissed “because the parties failed to include in their application a key participant” — Phoenix TV — “which produces the Mandarin programming in its studio.”

Phoenix Radio is partially owned by two Chinese government-owned groups, Extra Steps Investment Limited and China Wise International Limited. The FCC said, “The parties have 48 hours to cease broadcast operations related to this application.” A 10-page order laid out the FCC’s reasoning.

”Given Phoenix Radio’s extensive role in the operation of the California studio at issue, it was a violation of the Communications Act for that company, which has ties to the Chinese government, not to be included on the application filed with the Commission,” an FCC spokesperson told the Washington Examiner. “Therefore, the application was deficient and was dismissed.”

The Phoenix TV radio station owned by China used a tower in Mexico to broadcast into Southern California. The Free Beacon reported the Mexican station was bought by a China-linked investment group in 2018. Phoenix TV came under scrutiny earlier this year when a journalist from the outlet questioned President Trump during a White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing. (Read more from “FCC Orders China-Owned Phoenix TV to Cease Us-Mexico Broadcasts Within 48 Hours” HERE)


China’s Warning After U.S. Labels 4 Media Firms as “Propaganda Outlets”

By NDTV. China threatened Tuesday to retaliate against new US restrictions on Chinese state media, escalating tensions between the two superpowers as they crack down on each other’s news outlets.

The US State Department said Monday it was reclassifying four organisations — China Central Television, China News Service, the People’s Daily and the Global Times — as foreign missions rather than media outlets in the United States, adding to five others designated in February.

China has already expelled more than a dozen American journalists as part of the row.

On Tuesday Beijing decried the latest US move as “bare-faced political suppression of Chinese media” that “further exposes the hypocrisy of the so-called freedom of speech and press which the US likes to flaunt”.

“We strongly urge the US to reject this Cold War mindset and ideological bias… otherwise China will have no choice but to make an appropriate response,” said foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian at a routine briefing. (Read more from “China’s Warning After U.S. Labels 4 Media Firms as “Propaganda Outlets” HERE)

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