WATCH: Biden Shows Us – Again – That He Is Not Alright; Nearly 40 Percent of Voters Believe Biden Is Suffering From Dementia

By Red State. Back in the safety of his basement bunker, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivered additional evidence that he is not fit to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

In the brief clip below, #BarelyThereBiden confuses President Obama with President Trump. Biden looks old and feeble and speaks in slow, halting speech. He tells his audience, “People..have watched on television. And they’ve watched and the more that Barack, the more that – excuse me – Donald Trump is out…”

Given Biden’s obvious slide into dementia, his commanding lead in both national and critical battleground polls defies logic. Clearly the Democrats’ intention is to utilize Biden as a mere figurehead, but there will be occasions where he will be forced to speak. Can you imagine this man representing the United States overseas? Can you envision what a meeting between Biden and Putin or Kim Jong Un might look like?

As Democrats continue to ignore and, when pressed, to deny Biden’s current cognitive decline, the brief clip below offers a glimpse of how foreigners view his condition. A Sky News Australia reporter asks billionaire Clive Palmer if he thinks Trump will win reelection. (Read more from “Biden Shows Us – Again – That He Is Not Alright” HERE)


20 Percent of Likely Democratic Voters Believe Biden Is Suffering From Dementia

By Daily Caller. Nearly 40% of likely voters believe that former Vice President Joe Biden is experiencing some form of dementia, according to a new poll published Monday.

Twenty percent of Democratic voters believe the presumptive presidential nominee for their party has some form of serious cognitive decline, according to a poll from conservative-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports. More than 60% of Republicans feel Biden has dementia, as do 30% of voters without a major party affiliation, according to the Rasmussen poll.

Roughly 61% of all voters believe Biden should address the dementia issue publicly, with 41% of voters saying it is very important for the former vice president to provide a comment, the poll shows. Another 36% of voters say the issue is not that important, according to the poll. (Read more from “20 Percent of Likely Democratic Voters Believe Biden Is Suffering From Dementia” HERE)

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