Black Professor Blasts ‘Dehumanizing Condescension’ of Bestselling Book ‘White Fragility’; Sleep Is for Privileged White People, Activists Call for ‘Rest Reparations’

By Fox News. The bestselling book “White Fragility,” whose ideas have gained mainstream currency in the wake of protests against police brutality and systemic racism, dehumanizes and infantilizes Black people by encouraging a “cult” of White guilt, Columbia University associate professor John McWhorter argued this week.

McWhorter, who is Black, charged in The Atlantic. that “White Fragility” is “about how to make certain educated [W]hite readers feel better about themselves.”

The book by Robin DiAngelo, a White woman who works as a diversity consultant for corporations, was first published in 2018. Its paperback edition has been on The New York Times bestseller list for 97 weeks.

“DiAngelo’s outlook rests upon a depiction of Black people as endlessly delicate poster children within this self-gratifying fantasy about how [W]hite America needs to think,” McWhorter wrote. “Or, better, stop thinking. Her answer to [W]hite fragility, in other words, entails an elaborate and pitilessly dehumanizing condescension toward Black people.”

For example, McWhorter claimed, DiAngelo recommends White people refrain from or engage in certain behaviors in order to avoid reinforcing racial inequality, including not crying in Black people’s presence while discussing racism and not asking Black people about their feelings or experiences. (Read more from “Black Professor Blasts ‘Dehumanizing Condescension’ of Bestselling Book ‘White Fragility'” HERE)


Sleep Is for Privileged White People, Popular Magazine Says — So Now Activists Call for ‘Rest Reparations’

By The Blaze. Teen Vogue published an article last week alleging sleep is indicative of systemic racism.

Now some activists are calling for “rest reparations” in the form of sabbaticals and time off from work and other strenuous activities. . .

The article, titled, “Black Power Naps is Addressing Systemic Racism in Sleep,” reveals the Black Power Naps initiative, which alleges that African Americans typically have shorter life spans when compared to their white peers.

Black Power Naps — created by writers Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa — insists that black lives are shorter than white lives because blacks experience “generational fatigue” simply on the grounds that they are African American. . .

Writers Acosta and Sosa revealed that they experienced an epiphany: They were always tired, and realized that it was because they were impacted by “hundreds of years of sleep deprivation” that was due to systemic racism. (Read more from “Sleep Is for Privileged White People, Popular Magazine Says — So Now Activists Call for ‘Rest Reparations'” HERE)

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