Lockdowns, Protests Causing Big Spike in Child Trafficking

. . .Child sexual exploitation and trafficking ranks amongst the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the world, with the United States leading the way in consumption of child exploitation material. But during the COVID -19 pandemic, crimes such as those allegedly committed by Hardman have risen to levels I have never seen before during my almost two decades in working these criminal cases as a special agent, undercover operator, and CEO of two different anti-trafficking organizations.

Why is pedophilia flourishing during a global pandemic? Societal support structures that keep children safe (schools, sports programs, music lessons, etc.) have vanished, shut down per government directives. Taking such life-protecting measures has left many of our children sitting idle at home with computer screens or smartphones in front of their faces.

With moms and dads otherwise preoccupied, fighting for their jobs and procuring food and supplies for their families, these children are left to surf the Internet, often without proper (or any!) supervision. Pedophiles, often jobless, are also stuck at home with computers.

Law enforcement has reported that, during the government shutdowns, as they have monitored chatter on the deepest reaches of the Internet, child predators like Danny Hardman are openly admitting to one another that pandemic time is harvest time. They confess to one another they are living a pedophile’s dream.

In March alone, there were more than two million reports of Internet crimes against children, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. That is more than double similar reports from the same period a year earlier. Things got worse in April, with some 4.1 million reports of Internet crimes against children — a fourfold increase from April 2019. (Read more from “Lockdowns, Protests Causing Big Spike in Child Trafficking” HERE)

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