Schumer Rejects $1 Trillion Stimulus Proposal

Senate Republicans unveiled their version of a fresh round of coronavirus relief on Monday, as White House negotiators and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are set to meet in the evening to begin negotiations.

“So I hope this strong proposal will occasion a real response. Not partisan cheap shots. Not the predictable, tired, old rhetoric as though these were ordinary times and the nation could afford ordinary politics,” Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in unveiling the HEALS Act.

The $1 trillion Republican bill is the alternative to the House’s HEROES act, the $3 trillion relief legislation passed in May. HEALS stands for the package’s focus on Health, Economic Assistance, Liability protection, and Schools. . .

The Democratic leader in the Senate, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, blasted the legislation as “totally inadequate.”

“We’ve waited months for a Republican bill and still the Republican response is totally inadequate,” the New York Democrat said on the Senate floor. (Read more from “Schumer Rejects $1 Trillion Stimulus Proposal” HERE)

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