The Silent Majority Won’t Be So Silent Come November

. . .The culture that has been fostered and empowered by intersectional academic elites protected by tenure at well-endowed (and government-funded) universities as well as the arbiters of acceptable behavior who sit behind plexiglass desks in cable news studios high above the streets of Manhattan, the lessons have been carefully and painfully taught to all Americans. If you’re not in-line with the woke minority with the loudest voices, better stay quiet if you know what’s good for you.

. . .You see, we don’t have to win arguments on Twitter. We don’t need to dominate someone’s Facebook page. We don’t need to prove our point in the lunchroom at work. We don’t have to one-up our liberal brother-in-law at the dinner table.

We just need to keep our heads down, smile as they scream and rant, and try to burn down their own failed Democrat-run cities, and vote.

We don’t need to constantly argue for funding our cops; we just need to elect representatives who are paid to make that argument for us. . .

We don’t need to convince anyone about the dangers of a Biden administration populated by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Ilhan Omar; we just need to re-elect Donald Trump, who is not afraid to make these arguments for us. (Read more from “The Silent Majority Won’t Be So Silent Come November” HERE)

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