7 Times 2016 Politics Made Us Laugh Instead of Cry

The 2016 presidential election proved to be a comedic gold mine, complete with … let’s say colorful candidates, goofy gaffes, and our dear friend Twitter. Whether it was a great year for politics or not is up for debate. But if there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that after a year like 2016, we all deserve a good laugh.

Here are seven of 2016’s best moments in political comedy:

7. “What If CNN Fact-Checked Hillary and Obama Like They Do for Trump?”

Back in August, Heat Street created a “What If CNN Fact-Checked Hillary and Obama Like They Do for Trump?” spoof. The clip highlights CNN’s liberal bias and their obsession for fact-checking Trump in their chyrons. It’s deliciously vindicating, and yes, quite funny:

6. That time Anthony Weiner threatened to run for mayor of NYC

One of the most unintentionally hilarious moments in political comedy occurred over the summer, when former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner told a reporter that if Donald Trump Jr. were to run for New York City mayor, he would “come out of retirement just to beat him like a rented mule” in the mayoral race.

Twitter had fun with that one, and Donald Trump Jr. was king for a day.

5. SNL’s Hillary & Bernie Cold Open

“Saturday Night Live” produced plenty of funny (and not-so-funny) political sketches during election season, including “Bern Your Enthusiasm” and Hillary Clinton’s coopted campaign ad. But the show’s spring finale featured what has to be the best cold open to come out of the presidential primaries.

In the funny-because-it’s-true category, a very uptight but gleeful Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) admits to a depressed Bernie Sanders (Larry David) at a bar that the DNC “rigged” the election in her favor. The two even toast to former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the one person Sanders diehards detest more than Clinton:

4. Hillary’s Got Talent!

Hillary Clinton’s over-the-top reaction to the confetti at the Democratic National Convention gave everyone a good laugh. But YouTube comedy channel “Super Deluxe” managed to kick it up a notch with a comedic magic trick known as “context.”

The result: “Hillary’s Got Talent.” God bless the internet.

3. Jay Leno tags in

Comedy veteran Jay Leno wins the prize for best bipartisan roast of 2016. In a special Halloween appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Leno made comedy great again by seizing all of the material that too many comedians were too afraid to touch. And everyone loved it.

2. Hillary goes “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis”

Hillary Clinton’s appearance on “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” ended up being one of the most substantive political sketches of the 2016 election. Galifianakis employed his typical awkward interrogation tactics, asking HRC questions about her shifting views on Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, her … consistent fashion taste, and, of course, the email scandal.

It’s unclear how much of the interview was genuine and how much of it was pre-planned, but it was cringingly awkward and memorable nonetheless:

1. Jimmy Fallon’s spot-on Trump impressions

You’ve seen them, and you know you want to see them again. There were the 2015 classics, like “Donald” interviewing Donald, and “Donald’s” phone call with Hillary Clinton. But Fallon’s Super Tuesday spoof — complete with a life-size cardboard cutout of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after he endorsed Trump — was just genius. Fallon proved that orange is the new black.

Thanks for the laughs (and tears), 2016! (For more from the author of “7 Times 2016 Politics Made Us Laugh Instead of Cry” please click HERE)

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