WATCH: BLM Rioters Attack Churchgoers, Including Black Parishioners and Children

By The Post Millennial. A church service was interrupted at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York by a Black Lives Matter protest.

The small worship service was underway when about ten or so protestors walked into the church and announced “black lives matter.”

One masked protestor walked up to a man inside the church and showed her tattoo, saying “Look. I’m a Christian preacher, you dumb f***.”

A man says “black lives matter” and the rest repeat the mantra, drowning out the preacher.

Security approaches the protestors, and appears to touch one of them. This leads the others to say “Don’t touch anyone. Don’t touch him! Back up!” (Read more from “WATCH: BLM Rioters Attack Churchgoers” HERE)


BLM Protesters Harass Black Parishioners, Children at Troy New York Church

Here are several screenshots of black parishioners and children who were verbally assaulted with profanity by the BLM thugs:

Here are the video excerpts of the confrontations:

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