Murkowski, Rino Establishment Seeking to Rig Valley Elections With Outside Money?

Apparently, The Swamp is feeling very threatened these days.

David Eastman, Christopher Kurka, and LD Howard are all conservative Republicans who support the party platform. So, why are these conservatives so much of a threat to the Republican Establishment that they’re dropping big money into the Valley to stop them?

In an extraordinary move, the Republican State Leadership Committee has air-dropped $150,000 into State House primaries in Alaska, much of which is being spent in the Mat-Su Valley to oppose Representative David Eastman, and to protect Incumbent club members Lynn Gattis and George Rauscher from more conservative challengers.

Karl Rove and Reince Priebus sit on the Board of the Republican State Leadership Committee, along with one Cabell Hobbs, one-time Treasurer of the [Lisa] Murkowski Victory Committee.

Think about that. The Republican State Leadership Committee is targeting David Eastman, Christopher Kurka, and LD Howard, burning money for safe Republican seats that they’re afraid will be won by folks they deem “too conservative.” How much sense does that make? What is going on?

If they have done nothing else, these interlopers from Washington DC have certainly defined these races and framed the election in terms we can all understand.

Make no mistake about it, it’s now not just Establishment vs. Grassroots, it’s also The Swamp vs. The People; Washington vs. Wasilla; Murkowski vs. the Valley; The Binding Caucus vs. Good Government; Big Government vs. the PFD.

The recipient of the money is a RINO front-group ironically named Council on Good Government.

They are, in fact, not for good government. They are protectors of the status quo.

The filer for the group is one Cheryl Frasca, one-time budget chief to former Governor Frank Murkowski, and PS Strategies has been secured to execute the independent expenditures.

Who is PS strategies? The Communications firm owned by Minority Leader Lance Pruitt’s wife, Mary Ann, that made a veritable fortune shilling for Lisa Murkowski in 2016. It also boasts CH2MHill as a client, formerly known as the infamous VECO Corporation of “corrupt bastards” lore. The firm has also been aligned with State Senate President Cathy Giessel.

Why is this significant? Follow the money.

When Lisa Murkowski was a State legislator, she supported raiding the Permanent Fund for State expenditures. Senator Giessel is now firmly in that camp. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that before Lance Pruitt was against(?) raiding the Permanent Fund, he was for it.

Clearly, Pruitt believes he stands to inherit the Speaker’s Chair should Republicans seize control after November, and he’s moving to clear any opposition to his business-as-usual agenda, which the DC Establishment is only too happy to support.

Why do you think Pruitt, a Representative from Los Anchorage, has been out in the Valley going door-to-door, opposing an incumbent Republican? And why is he now inviting the DC Swamp to meddle in Valley elections?

Eastman, Kurka, and Howard have all stood up to the corrupt “Binding Caucus” that has mortgaged Alaska’s future to special interests, crony capitalists, and big government. In fact, they have all signed a pledge to support ending the “Binding Caucus” rule in the Alaska State House, an appallingly corrupt procedure that no other State countenances, and some have even outlawed.

The “Binding Caucus” is simply a rule currently operative in Alaska’s Majority Caucuses that binds all members of the Majority to pledge their vote for the budget, sight unseen. Yes, they actually have to promise they’ll vote for the budget before they even know what’s in it, or how much it is. If they don’t, they get no positions of power, no committee chairmanships, staff and office budgets are limited or cut, and their districts are marginalized.

Without the “Binding Caucus” rule, State expenditures will actually have to be debated and justified, legislators will have to be persuaded, and votes will have to be won.

This would be devastating to big government, special interests, and crony capitalists who currently live off State largesse, and depend on corrupt politicians to move your money through to them with little scrutiny. But it would be a boon for hard-working Alaskans who need their PFD, and whose bloated government doesn’t serve their interests under the current system.

Make no mistake about it. The very people who are behind the big money seeking to persuade you from changing course, are the very people who will benefit at your expense if things stay the same.

They’re selling you a bill of goods. The people responsible for the financial mess Alaska is in are not going to fix it. And neither are their puppets.

Don’t fall for it. Do your homework. And by all means vote.

The only thing standing between you and good government, is the people you elect.

The only thing standing between you and a full PFD, is the people you elect.

The only thing standing between you and an economy that works for you, is the people you elect.

The only thing standing between you and a safe, secure Alaska, is the people you elect.

Don’t let The DC Swamp tell you how to vote. Don’t let Lisa Murkowski subvert Mat-Su values. Don’t let the keepers of the status quo pull a fast one on you.

The same people with the same old tired policies aren’t going to get you a different result.

Let YOUR voice be heard. Nothing is inevitable. You have a choice. Self-government is your prerogative. You can change the course of history. Choose wisely.

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