Biden’s Campaign App Inadvertently Allowed Anyone Access To Millions Of Voters’ Information

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign inadvertently allowed access to millions of Americans’ private information, including their home addresses, date of birth and gender, according to a security researcher.

A Biden campaign app, Vote Joe, allows people to upload their phone contact lists and see if friends and family are registered to vote ahead of the November election, TechCrunch reported Monday, citing research from mobile expert App Analyst. The app uploads and matches user contacts with voter data through a firm called TargetSmart.

The app displays a voter’s name, age and birthday, and which recent election they voted in when a match is discovered through TargetSmart, TechCrunch noted. The technique helps users “find people you know and encourage them to get involved,” according to the app. TargetSmart claims to have access to files on more than 191 million Americans, the report noted.

The App Analyst discovered users could create fake phone contacts with random names and access any corresponding information.

The app collects much more data than is publicly shown, App Analyst told TechCrunch. Users can see home address, date of birth, gender, ethnicity and party affiliation, the report noted. (Read more from “Biden’s Campaign App Inadvertently Allowed Anyone Access to Millions of Voters’ Information” HERE)

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